Mardaleishvili Medical Centre’s Eye Clinic — effective therapy for optic nerve atrophy
Nystagmus: an innovative technology in the treatment of the disease
The effectiveness of stem cells in the treatment of amblyopia
Improving the quality of vision in dystrophy of the retinal pigment epithelium

Результативное лечение атрофии зрительного нерва, нистагма, амблиопии, дистрофии пигментного эпителия сетчатки в Глазной клинике им. Мардалеишвили методом трансплантации стволовых клеток из костного мозга пациента


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Mardaleishvili Medical Centre

Since 1995, the unique Mardaleishvili Medical Centre has been functioning in Georgia. Here is where the best specialists in their field work: doctors of sciences, professors who have been trained abroad, as well as those who have practiced in clinics in Germany, the USA, and different European countries.

Over time, the clinic expanded, and new departments were opened. The Department of Cellular Therapy is known all over the world. Also popular is the Mardaleishvili Eye Clinic. Doctors at the ophthalmological centre successfully treat retinal pigment epithelium dystrophy, amblyopia, and other diseases with the introduction of stem cells.
The medical centre is constantly developing, as evidenced by its own cryobank and the modern technical equipment in its laboratories and operating rooms.

The use of stem cells in the treatment of many eye diseases and severe cases is a promising method that opens up new possibilities for both doctors and patients.

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Eye clinic and cell therapy department

The Mardaleishvili Medical Centre’s Eye Clinic has become popular among foreign patients due to the high-tech equipment in the operating rooms and laboratories. The clinic began actively applying an innovative method in the treatment of optic nerve atrophy, amblyopia, and other eye diseases. Many patients from the Georgian medical facility can testify about the effectiveness of stem cells.

The Department of Cell Therapy employs specialists of higher qualification who constantly hone their skills, participate in international conferences, and train and practice in leading foreign medical institutions.

The treatment of nystagmus, optic nerve atrophy, and other eye diseases is carried out at the highest level due to the use of innovative equipment. When treating eye diseases, precision, accuracy of manipulations, and excellent performance technique during the procedure are important because stem cells are injected not only into the canal of the spinal cord but also into the orbit and eye.

In order to restore the quality of vision, doctors began to practice stem cell transplantation in the following ways:

  • Intravitreally (in the eye)
  • Retrobulbarly (in the eye socket)
  • Intrathecally (into the canal of the spinal cord)
  • Intravenously

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Eye diseases treatment with stem cells

Cord blood association congress

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Doctors of Mardaleishvili Medical Centre’s Eye Clinic

Doctors of Mardaleishvili Medical Centre’s Eye Clinic


Exceptional Service, Exceptional Care

Organizational matters

Thousands of patients from all over the world come to the ophthalmological clinic every year. Our employees will help to simplify the arrival. They will:
1. Select a convenient mode of transportation for your trip in Georgia.
2. Discuss the date of arrival and order tickets.
3. Help to find comfortable housing.
4. Provide an interpreter (optional).
5. Organize leisure time for accompanying persons.

Operating room equipment

Treatment of optic nerve atrophy, retinal pigment epithelium dystrophy, nystagmus, amblyopia, and a number of other eye diseases with stem cell transplantation is possible only in an appropriately equipped operating room.
Transplantation is carried out in several ways, and performing each procedure requires strict control by a 3D imaging machine.

Values of the clinic

Patients from all over the world turn to the Mardaleishvili MC’s Eye Clinic thanks to the values of our medical institution:
1. The desire to meet the expectations of clients.
2. The qualification of doctors and ensuring the safety of procedures.
3. Respect for each patient.
4. Taking action for the benefit of the patient.
5. The creation of comfortable conditions during a patient’s stay.


Mission & Principles

We are glad to give our patients the ability to see the world clearly.


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