Dr. Teimuraz Kemoklidze

Oncologist, transplantologist, and surgeon of Mardaleishvili Medical Centre’s Eye Clinic, Department of Cellular Technology and Therapy


  • 1991 — Tbilisi State Medical University, diploma cum laude
  • 1995 — the course on liver transplantation at the cancer center in Istanbul
  • 1997 — Tbilisi State Medical University, additional diploma of a surgeon-oncologist
  • 2003 — Tbilisi State Medical University, Ph.D. in Medical Sciences

From a young age, Dr. Teimuraz Kemoklidze has been working to become one of the best specialists in his field. His graduation from the world-famous Tbilisi University opened the doors to his successful medical career and scientific activity. Nowadays, the doctor actively attends highly specialized seminars and conferences, constantly improving his own professional skills.

Work experience:

  • 1991-1995 — surgeon at Tbilisi Clinical Hospital
  • 1995-2012 — transplantologist at Gvamichava National Oncology Center, Istanbul
  • 2008 — transplantologist of the Fellowship of Liver Transplantation at Ankara University
  • 2012-2013 — surgeon at the Medula Medical Center
  • 2013 — liver transplantologist, Ankara
  • 2014-2015 — surgeon at the Gudushauri National Medical Center
  • 2014-2015 — transplantologist at the Lancet Medical Center
  • 2014-present — surgeon at the Mardaleishvili Medical Centre and Eye Clinic

The doctor specializes in liver transplant operations as well as abdominal operations. Currently, he is the local manager of the Oncology Residence at Tbilisi State Medical University. He also teaches surgery at the Tbilisi State Medical University and the Aieti Medical Institute.

In Mardaleishvili Medical Centre’s Eye Clinic, Dr. Teimuraz Kemoklidze is one of the leading transplant surgeons specializing in cell therapy. He is trusted to do the most complex operations for the treatment of ophthalmic pathologies with stem cell transplantation. The doctor’s participation in such operations is the key to successful treatment and achieving the best therapeutic effect.

The diseases that can be successfully corrected with stem cells are optic nerve atrophy, nystagmus, amblyopia, and retinal pigment epithelium dystrophy.

Membership in societies, congresses, awards, and certificates:

  • 2006 — member of the scientific community of the International Institute of Surgery
  • 2007 — Member of the Medical Congress of Surgery, Türkiye
  • 2008 — certificate from the Fellowship for Liver Transplantation
  • 2010 — IASGO member diploma
  • 2011-2021 — participation and certification in the world congresses of oncologists and gastroenterologists, the International Association of Surgeons, Japan, and Turkey
  • 2013 — participation in the congress on liver transplantation and certification of cooperation

A specialist who constantly develops his professionalism and engages in scientific activities is interested not only in self-realization but also in quality patient treatment. Teimuraz Kemoklidze is just such a responsible doctor. He performed hundreds of successful operations in the clinic. Vision restored with stem cell transplantation remains stable in the vast majority of patients for many years, up to a very old age.

Scientific publications and works:

  • 1998 — Ways of improving surgical treatment of small pelvic retroperitoneal tumors
  • 2001 — Ways of improving operability and resectability of primary retroperitoneal tumors — additions
  • 2002 — The role of computer and magnet resonance tomography in diagnosing small pelvic retroperitoneal tumors
  • 2002 — Distant results of surgical treatment of primary retroperitoneal tumors
  • 2003 — Main aspects of surgical treatment of primary tumors, dissertation
  • 2007 — Determinants of recurrence of primary retroperitoneal tumors
  • 2009 — Is there a successful case of non-surgical treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma?
  • 2010 — Main principles in surgical treatment of retroperitoneal tumors
  • 2010 — Oncology, co-author of publication
  • 2010 — Common sense of emergency abdominal surgery
  • 2014 — Liver transplantation: a reality for Georgia

Dr. Teimuraz Kemoklidze is an honorary member of the doctors’ concilium at the Mardaleishvili Medical Centre’s Eye Clinic. His experience and professionalism allow him to carry out high-quality treatment of ophthalmological diseases and actively develop this medical area. Sign up for treatment at the clinic — and your vision will be restored by the best specialists.