Cell Therapy Department

After scientists and practitioners confirmed the effectiveness of stem cells in the treatment of many diseases that are difficult to treat, cell therapy began to be used in leading clinics in every country. Therefore, Mardaleishvili Medical Centre opened a department of cell therapy with doctors of the highest qualifications. The department staff began to masterfully apply the knowledge and skills of cell transplantation in practice, and many patients were given a chance for a healthy and fulfilling life.

Mardaleishvili Medical Centre has reached the world level because the clinic regularly conducts research and develops new diagnostic methods as well as methods for the treatment of malignant tumors, diseases of the nervous system, eye diseases, etc.

Services provided in the department of cell therapy

Cell therapy involves the introduction of stem cells into the patient’s body in order to treat and prevent certain pathologies. In the treatment of eye diseases, only autologous material is used, which the specialists of the clinic take from the patient’s ilium.

In the treatment of mental disorders and a number of other diseases, it is possible to use a patient’s cells from the blood of the umbilical cord, bone marrow, or donor material. Donors are usually blood relatives of the patient (brothers or sisters) who have a genetic match to the material of over 50%.

In the cell therapy department of the Mardaleishvili Medical Centre, patients are exclusively offered the following procedures:

  • Dendritic cancer vaccine
  • Preparation of biomaterials for bone marrow transplantation
  • LAK therapy

The department practices the following types of cell therapy:

  • Stem cell transplantation in hematology and regenerative medicine
  • In the case of immunotherapy, the patient’s immune cells are multiplied and injected to strengthen the immune system (important in tumor therapy and autoimmune diseases).

Methods of administering stem cells in the treatment of eye diseases

In the treatment of diseases, transplant surgeons at the medical center use the following methods of introducing biomaterial (the choice of technique depends on medical indications and the patient’s health status):

  • Intravitreal (in the eye)
  • Retrobulbar (in the eye socket)
  • Intrathecally (into the canal of the spinal cord)
  • Intravenously

Stem cells are a reliable foundation for restoring a patient’s health.