Cataract treatment


A cataract is an ophthalmologic pathology where the eye lens becomes cloudy. In healthy eyes, the lens is the key element of the human visual system that helps to refract rays, focus, and “target” them to the retina. This allows us to get a clear image of the surrounding world.

When you have cataracts, light is not focused properly and vision is characterized as “blurred”. The pathological process has different degrees of severity and depends on the cataract size and its localization. The patient should undergo a thorough medical examination before treatment.

Cataract surgery is considered to be the most effective and productive treatment in the world.

According to general global statistics, cataracts affect more than half of the population worldwide. Therefore, it is a significant problem that must be solved.

Cataract surgery is in active use today. There is a good chance of saving your eyesight completely if you consult a doctor in time.

It is important to remember that this disease is progressive, affecting the eye’s lens. You cannot predict its outcome. Therefore, it is essential to contact specialists as soon as possible.

There is still no effective pharmaceutical treatment for cataracts. Only cataract surgery provides effective results.

Cataract surgical treatment is available in any country and in many clinics. However, treatment is not always effective. Ophthalmologic clinics do not always have modern equipment, and may not use new resection methods. Georgian ophthalmologists can be trusted to save your eyesight and improve it significantly.

Advantages of modern cataract treatment:

  • The highest surgical success rates in Europe
  • Use of advanced minimally invasive eye surgery techniques
  • No side effects and no risk of damaging the organs of vision
  • Fast recovery period and return to your usual way of life.

Innovative methods of cataract treatment

Phacoemulsification is the most gentle and common method of cataract treatment. Pathological clouding is removed through a microscopic hole made in the cornea by means of a laser beam or ultrasound waves. This is how a cataract is surgically treated in its initial stages.

Extracapsular extraction is a more complex procedure prescribed when the pathological process has reached the last stage. At this stage, the lens has increased in density and cannot be destroyed by laser or ultrasound. The surgeon makes an incision on the cornea, completely removes the damaged lens and implants an artificial one. Despite its complexity, this procedure is safe in Georgia and performed at a high level.

The earlier the cataract is removed, the greater the chance to completely restore your vision!

Advantages of contacting Mardaleishvili Medical Center:

  • Experienced, qualified ophthalmologists
  • Access to the best minimally invasive surgical techniques
  • Care provided at every stage of the patient’s stay at the clinic
  • Organizational assistance in planning a trip to Georgia
  • Reasonable prices for all services and procedures.

Contact Mardaleishvili MC Eye Clinic to remove your cataract in the most effective, gentle and affordable way!